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Software Price List

SoftWare Price List *1 *2

Software name Requirement Price Note
SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows ver6 With out-of-plane option 3,000,000 *4
Without out-of-plane option 2,500,000
SuperFLUSH/2D ver6 exe only, With out-of-plane option 2,500,000 Without GUI
exe only, Without out-of-plane option 2,000,000
SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows ver5.3 2,500,000 *3, *4
SuperFLUSH/2D ver5.3 2,800,000
Without inclined body wave option 1,900,000
Constant K option 500,000
microSHAKE/3D 250,000 With GUI
Batch processing version 150,000
SuperFLUSH/SH 3,600,000
SuperALUSH 4,800,000
SuperFLUSH/Love 5,400,000
SuperFLUSH/Rayleigh 6,000,000
SuperFLUSH/3DS 7,000,000
Without equivalent linear 6,000,000
SuperFLUSH/3DC 7,000,000
Without option 6,000,000
NANSSI/2D 6,000,000
Protection key for network 50,000

*1 The price may be subjected to change without notice.
*2 Supported only under Windows, RedHat Linux or SUSE Linux.
*3 The creation of data for fluid element, rotational spring element, void element and approximate three-dimensional simulations are not supported.
*4 Option of mesh creation is not available.

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